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Chemical Stripping Pavers & Paver Restoration

Chemical stripping pavers is often a “fix” for a mistake made by a homeowner, or in some cases, another paver sealing company. When trying to save money, the homeowner either did the sealant themselves, used an over-the-counter sealant, incorrect product, or hired an untrained professional. The results can be disheartening. (See bad sealing jobs.) After putting so much money into your paver installation, you expect to have them looking their best for years to come. That is the reason to choose Tropical Paver Sealing for your chemical stripping and paver restoration.

Do not hire a pressure washing company or a handyman to seal your pavers. Even many paver installers are inexperienced with sealing pavers. Homeowners who have attempted to seal their own pavers as a do-it-yourself project are often our most satisfied restoration customers. After realizing their mistake, they wisely become repeat customers avoiding a repeat nightmare in their future.

Milky White or Blotchy Pavers?

Most of our restoration jobs require chemical stripping. After having your pavers sealed, are they milky white or spotted with uneven sealer? Do they have sand adhered to the surface? Sticky? Dirty? Unevenly discolored? If so, then you need to contact us. We can have your pavers looking as good as they did when first installed.

Pavers needing restoration

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Trust the Professionals

Tropical Paver Sealing specializes in chemical stripping. Over the years we have developed the proper technique and products to use on any paver surface to remove the old ugly (or improperly applied) sealer. Our products and equipment are designed specifically for stripping away the damaging chemical, not harming the pavers.

To restore your pavers or other outdoor surface, we first determine the type of sealant or other chemicals used or spilled onto the surface. After concluding the safest, best way to remedy the problem, our fully-trained staff begin the restoration project. The paver or other surface must be stripped and cleaned beyond what most homeowners can perform. That is where our specialized equipment is invaluable.

The restoration process can be quite tedious, however, most homeowners that have had it done recognize the value in having it done right. Read testimonials from other customers. Paver restoration also involves chemicals which need to be used in a safe manner. We take proper care handling surrounding plants and other objects that cannot be moved out of the area. Once we have your pavers back in their original condition, a high quality sealant is applied properly. The results can be stunning, especially after seeing your investment nearly ruined.

Chemical stripping is an area where you don’t want to DIY or go with an unqualified company. Pavers can be destroyed beyond repair when improper chemicals are used. Trust the professionals that have been in the business since 1983. Contact Tropical Paver Sealers!

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Surface Finishes We Can Restore at Your Home or Business

We can restore any of the following surfaces on your driveway, walkway, terrace, pool deck, common area or other outdoor area:

  • brick pavers
  • Chicago brick
  • natural stone
  • travertine
  • precast
  • river rock
  • keystone
  • exterior marble
  • stamped concrete
  • Mexican pavers (Saltillow, Tecate, etc.)

Customer Testimonial

"... I have to say this is by far the best Co. (Paver cleaner) that I have ever used. I have had our pavers done about 4 times in the time we have lived here, the last being the worst they left my pavers white and like they 50 years old........ Well after Dana and his crew got done they looked brand NEW!!!! front back sides I can not say enough about them. I will use them again.... AS Dana said he wants his customers for life and he will have us..."
Donald Goebel (Cape Coral, FL)


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