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River Rock Sealing and Repair

We Are River Rock Specialists

For years River Rock was king of the exterior flooring. The product was very good, especially when installed properly. River Rock is now considered an obsolete surface. The supplies to repair are limited. Tropical Paver Sealing is one of the few companies that will still repair your River Rock project. Although we can no longer warranty the work, we’re certain you will be more than pleased with the results!

We DO NOT install. Many River Rock pool areas, patios and porches are beyond their lifespan.We will be honest with you and give our recommendations when it comes to restoration and sealing River Rock.

Sealing River Rock

We do not use single-part toxic glazes that are sold at most hardware stores. These add a beautiful shine, but permanently stain and damage the structure of the river rock surface. This shortens its life span by many years. 95% of the River Rock decks that we have cared for have been damaged by these products.

We offer a two-part, clear sealer, that is a state-of-the-art epoxy. It penetrates deep to protect and can be put on a wet surface. This means during rainy season, you can still have your deck sealed properly. The finish will have a semi-gloss look; not the old super glossy finish. We do not use toxic sealers.


For information about sealing or restoring your River Rock, check out our service locations and contact us.


Photo of a beautiful pool with river rock deck


Crack & Area Repairs

We offer 15-20 minutes of repairs FREE with each sealing project. Additional repairs may be needed and are an additional cost.



"We were so impressed with how you made our old river rock look brand new with the colored epoxy. It is as beautiful as you said it would turn out. Thank you! "
- Marvin S.

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