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We hired Dana at Tropical Paver to clean, polish, and seal our front garden brick pavers and pool pavers. He was the one who came out for the estimate and did the actual cleaning & sealing. We have recently moved into an older home and needed the mold and dirt to go away hoping the process would brighten the overall appearance. He was very knowledgeable and descriptive about the process and two year guarantee. He explained that it would be an all day job so we were a little surprised that he didn't show up until noon. However once he arrived he diligently worked on the pavers with one helper and was careful about the walls and glass doors. The process was a bit smelly at first and loud due to the machines polishing and blasting out the dirt. He explained that we should expect the pool to become dirty from the process. He explained how we could alter our roof gutters to prevent dirt from landing on the front garden pavers keeping them cleaner and less gritty over time. He pointed out a few spots where the pool pavers had holes worn in from rain coming off the cage and told us how we could prevent further damage. He finished the job by 6:00pm telling us not to walk on the pavers until the next day. The next day it was a bit tacky still in the morning but by the late afternoon all was good, shiny and clean. This was our first time using someone to clean and seal. We feel we got what we paid for and that Dana did exactly what we wanted. We took other estimates and found for basically the same service and guarantee Dana was very affordable. Overall I would recommend Dana and use his service again.
Vic Hines, Lutz, FL


Tropical Paver Sealing did a resealing of driveway and porch pavers Our pavers were looking very bad with white efflurescence. Dana restored them beautifully in just a few hours.
Lynda Hicks (Fort Myers, FL)


They power washed our brick paver courtyard and driveway and sealed it. They were able to get rid of most of the stains too. We were very happy with the work. It was a great experience. Dana and his crew worked diligently until they were satisfied as well as us with the job. We would absolutely get their services again and we give them high recommendations to anyone who needs this type of work done.
Beth McCullen, (Shelby Township, MI with Home in FL)


Cleaned and sealed brick driveway and walkway pavers. Dana and his crew came by the night before to begin the cleaning process so it would be ready to seal the next day. They came back early the next morning exactly on time and finished the job. They were courteous and professional, and I would highly recommend Tropical Pavers without reservation.
Elaine Fontes (Lehigh Acres, FL)


Arranged to have pavers on walkways and driveway pressure cleaned and sealed. I called Tropical to ask for an estimate. I ended up speaking with Dana Wyandt who was very helpful and knowledgable. He came out on the weekend (we were away) but did the estimate and emailed it to us. His estimate also included details about the process and the products he would be using. In responding to the email, I ended up speaking to Amanda who was very helpful in answering my questions and also in arranging the appointment on July 10th to have the work done. Dana and his son Alex showed up on the day and time as promised (actually an hour early) and proceeded right away in getting everything set up and underway. They were very professional and courteous and took precautions that avoided any overspray on the garage floor and other areas where Dana was spraying sealant. They did everything as promised and more. I noticed that Alex pressure cleaned the concrete sidewalk in front of our house (which was not part of the quote) and also sprayed down an area on the road where a truck at dropped some loose gravel the day before. Dana also added a couple extra coats of sealant prior to leaving. They roped off the front of our driveway to ensure no vehicles drove on it while it cured. They did not leave any mess or damage behind.
07/12/12 I called Tropical this morning for information on paver installations and spoke again with Amanda. I mentioned that the sealant appeared to have dried in a blotchy pattern and asked if that would change over the course of the next few days. Amanda did not hesitate to ask if they could come back out to our location (a 1.5 hour drive) to check it out first hand. She explained that customer service and job quality was an absolute priority for their company. I was very impressed with her response and surprised that my inquiry readily became a priority. It would have been easy for Amanda to make up some kind of unsubstantiated explanation. To me, this was a sign of a company that takes pride in its work and is serious about providing their customers with a level of service above and beyond what most companies would ever consider doing.



Cleaned and sealed long driveway, pool deck, and patios. The folks were courteous, on time, and did thorough work!
Peter Morgan (Orlando, FL)


Dana came out and applied a sealer to pavers that had been installed by another company just a week before. He and his crew came out and was very careful to first explain what they were going to do and then made sure it was done correctly. Great guys and excellent service! From the beginning both Dana and Amanda was very careful to explain the process and what I should expect when the job was completed. I've very happy with the results and would definately recommend them in the future!
John Land (Tampa, FL)


We recently moved to Florida. I originally contacted this company to clean and reseal the "river rock" deck on our pool because it was in terrible shape. Amanda came out for an estimate and explained the deck could be improved, but that it was obsolete and could not be guaranteed. We decided to try the clean and seal option to postpone the expense of a new deck right away. We made an appointment to deep clean, make minor repairs to, and seal the existing surface. Dana, the owner, came out and sprayed the surface with cleaner, let it soak in overnight, and returned the next day to power wash and seal it. Great plan, but when the power-washing process began, the old surface began to disintegrate. Dana was disappointed that the condition of the deck was so poor he couldn't complete the work as promised. He explained the situation and finished the cleaning of the deck with a low pressure wash to remove the chemical cleaner. Although I was disappointed that we would need to replace the deck sooner than we hoped, I was pleasantly surprised that Dana refused to take any money for his attempt to save the old surface! "No," he said, "just call us when you get the new surface (pavers)." Well, you can bet we did call after the new deck was installed. That kind of integrity is rare, and speaks of this company's commitment to professionalism and service. We now have a great looking deck which has been expertly sealed for extended durability. Dana even came back several weeks after completing the job to touch up a paver replaced by the installer. All in all, a terrific experience.
Barry Scates (Valrico, FL)


Tropical Paver Sealing resealed my pavers in the front and back of my home and also power washed certain areas. Dana did everything he said he would. His work was prompt and professional and I am pleased with the results.
William Lester (Windermere, FL)


Enclosed lanai pavers and a 3-car driveway, front porch and walkway pavers were pressure washed and sealed. The experience of dealing with both Amanda (who provided the estimate) and Dana and John (who performed the work) was beyond expectations. Amanda came out to provide an estimate and explained in great detail and very honestly what to expect. The lanai enclosure had mold and weeds growing in some of the areas between the pavers. It was long overdue for cleaning and sealing. The 10-year old paver driveway had some stains and had never been pressure washed and sealed after initial installation.
It was a huge job and took 2 days to complete. I don't live close by their home base but they didn't rush the job. They travel over a wide range of areas of Florida.
When you see Dana work you can tell he's a perfectionist. Just what you want from someone you hire -- someone who treats your property as if it's their own! Both were very polite and professional and even though they were working real hard they would answer any question. They took great care to shield any plants that were near the areas where they worked. They don't use Xylene so they don't have to come back days later to provide enough time for the pavers to be dry enough before they seal. The lanai is beautiful and was available for use the day on the third day (the day after they finished). The driveway, front porch and walkway also look like brand new. They even pressure-washed my front sidewalk!
In summary, one of the best experiences we've had hiring a contractor in Florida.

Joan Colwell (Farmington, MI with Home in FL)


Lanai Pavers were in dire need of being cleaned with mold removed, and everything resanded. There were some pavers here and there that had sunk due to normal wear, but there was also an area near the pool "waterfall" effect that several pavers had really sunk. Dana quoted the job at a fair and reasonable price. Then, when he lifted the pavers from the area near the pool, he discovered that there had been a prior leak that had been repaired previously, but not enough sand had been used. So, this area required a lot more sand, a lot more work, and thusly, a lot more time. Dana stuck with his original quote and didn't charge us the extra amount to fix this area. It has been 3 months since all this work has been done, and the lanai and pavers all still look wonderful including the problem area. Dana and his crew did an excellent job, and I will continue to use them, and highly recommend them!
Katherine Congdon (Odessa, FL)


Great company very customer focused. They came out and resealed the back lanai and pool area (brick pavers). Dana, the CEO, was part of the team that came out to do the work. We had one spot that need additional coat and Dana was very prompt with follow up service. I will definitely use him again. Completely change the look and feel of the pavers.
Albert Biniasz (Land O Lakes, FL)


Very pleased with the work. I called Tropical Pavers and within the week, the job was estimated and completed. My pool deck looks better than when it was new ! I am well pleased with the company. The only very minor complaint I might have is, they could have cleaned up just a tiny bit better. My pool skimmer cover was left in the yard and my hose equipment was not put back together as it was. Those complaints would in no way stop me from using this company again.
Brion Bailey (Lithia, FL)
Tropical Paver Sealing Response: Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the items you listed. I have communicated this information to the crew. We usually leave the pool skimmer off because we do not want it to adhere since sealer does get on it. I have asked the crew to locate the skimmer covers by the pump or on deck if it is possible when it is in the drying process so the customer is able to find it to replace it as soon as it dries. Thank you. Amanda


When I called the Co, I spoke with Amanda, we spoke about what I needed, then in a few days she came by the house to look thing over and take measurements for the estimate. She then got back to me with in a few days with the estimate. At that time we schd. the work to be done.
I have to say this is by far the best Co. (Paver cleaner) that I have ever used. I have had our pavers done about 4 times in the time we have lived here, the last being the worst they left my pavers white and like they 50 years old........ Well after Dana and his crew got done they looked brand NEW!!!! front back sides I can not say enough about them. I will use them again.... AS Dana said he wants his customers for life and he will have us.
Not only did they do a exceptional job of cleaning and restoring our pavers..... Amanda called me a few days before the job was to start to tell me they will be sending over a couple of men to move the plants and furniture off of the lanai, at no extra coast to me.. As I was going to have to hire some one to do it for me for I am a AK amputee (above Knee) So Tropical Pavers took it upon is themselves to help me, this what you call going the extra mile..
We have had numerous comment's about our pavers and they are all good. Now my drive way is back like it should be...... Looking good.
Their follow is also the best. I had a question about an area and Dana wasted no time in getting back to take a look at it and tell me what had to be done which was nothing.......
So if you ever need your pavers done These are the people too do them.

Donald Goebel (Cape Coral, FL)


Thanks for a job well done on our pool deck and patio. Having dealt with several contractors over the past six months on our patio project, Tropical Pavers was the only one that did what they said they were going to do and actually completed the project on time. I was impressed from the start with your professionalism and follow-up. That fact that you price was one of the more reasonable ones was a bonus. I will see you in a few years when my patio needs to be sealed again.
Ty Parrish (Valrico, FL)


We called and spoke to Amanda to set up an appt to come to give us a quote on the work we needed done. She said she could come out the next day, which happened to be a Sunday. We got a call from the owner the next day to get a date set up. They were originally due to come out the 7th or 8th of Sept, but had an opening here in Cape Coral earlier in the week and called to see if that would be a good date for me. I was thrilled to have it done sooner. Just as they were getting their equipment off the truck that morning, we noticed we had no water in the house. My husband went around to the outside spigots and there was no water there either. What we thought was maybe an RO problem turned into a pump problem. They began putting the equipment back on the truck to head to another job. Dana, the owner took it well :)
We got the pump fixed that afternoon and I called and got back on their calendar. With the hit and miss rain and storms before our start date, it ended up being a Sunday (the 9th) before he could get out. Once they got everything set up and started, they were here a few hours. They were very careful around the walls and windows, etc to make sure everything stayed on the pavers and no "over-spray" where it shouldn't be.
We were given instructions on how long we had to stay off the bricks and when we could put our furniture back out onto the lanai. Dana did a super job. The brick have a nice smooth feel to them. They aren't shiny or glossy, but they've got a nice soft look to them. We're very happy with the way everything turned out.
Dana and Amanda were really nice to work with. They return phone calls and they do what they say they'll do, which unfortunately too many businesses don't do anymore.

Lynn Martin (Cape Coral)


Cleaned and sealed long driveway, pool deck, and patios.The folks were courteous, on time, and did thorough work!
Porter Morgan (Orlando, FL)


Dana & Crew,
My husband and I wanted to thank you for our beautiful deck and driveway, they're like new !!! We equally happy with every staff member we encountered from start to finish, they were professional, courteous and addressed all my concerns.
We couldn't be happier and would gladly and highly recommend you to our friends and family.

Best Regards, Sandi Holeman (Apollo Beach)


Timely, efficient, knowledgeable, polite/courteous, and thorough. No wasted time or motions. First class operation.
AnnTherese Hite (Lutz, FL)


He resealed all of the pavers that I had around my front lawn, my driveway, and did a very extensive job. It looks beautiful. They were punctual and courteous and he did an excellent job at a fair price. I was very pleased.
Robert Stern (New Port Richey)


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